Preschool / K Mom-Helper Bundle (3-5 years)

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This bundle includes the award-winning Easy Daysies® Every Day Starter Kit, the Family & Extracurriculars Add-on Pack, and special mug for Mom!  Everything you need to help your preschooler adapt to the routine of life between school and home!

Bundle includes:

• Easy Daysies Starter Kit with Every Day magnets, Fold & Go magnetic board (2-sided Apple Tree design and Daisy design) and dry erase marker.
• Family Times & Extracurricular Activities magnets
• Get Dressed Routine magnets
• Bathroom (Potty) Routine magnets

Personalize the board with your child's name using the included dry-erase marker. Put magnets down the middle or use the "TO DO" and "DONE" columns for a reward system.

Kids can hang or bring their daily routine anywhere: from home to grandma's, or to the Baby-Sitter's!

Magnets are made with 70% recycled material.

36 Magnets in this kit: Get Dressed, Make Bed, Breakfast, Brush Teeth, Pack Backpack, School, Lunch, Clean Up, Homework, Nap Time, Family Time, Play / Free Time, Lunch, Dinner, Wash Hands and Face, Bath Time, Bed Time, Music, Dance, Sports, Martial Arts, Skating / Hockey, Swimming, Gymnastics, Soccer, Play Outside, Party, Movie Night, Church, Doctor, Dentist, Play Date, Shopping, three customizable blank magnets.

Start having easier days right now!

For ages 3+


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